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I joined LA Fitness this week and worked out every day since doing various different body parts on certain days, as one does. However, on Wednesday, I had a fitness evaluation by Allana, the head of the training program. I don’t plan on working out with a trainer, but the evaluation is included with new memberships.

During our time, she was making me do squats.

“Has anyone ever told you you have a weak butt?”

No. No they haven’t, Allana. In fact, I didn’t even know that butts could be strong. I mean, what do you do with a strong butt? I’d rather not think about it.

Basically, she explained that because I was a runner, my front muscles are very strong, but my rear muscles, including my glutes, are weak. She showed me proper squatting and lunging techniques and said that would help strengthen my butt. Great. Maybe I’ll start crushing walnuts at parties.

I got my weight and body fat measured and the results are less than desirable: 164lbs, 19%. YIKES! I remember the days only two years ago when I was 155 at 12%. Here’s a photo of that time (note how cute my wife is):



This week, I did before photos of my current physical state, which are posted below because, like I said in my first blog entry, I’m putting myself out there in a very vulnerable way, and am committed to getting my results with all my goals. To do that, we need a comparison. Mind you, I am insecure about my body at the moment, like most people, and have issues over it. But I am committed to changing this in a BIG way.

** WARNING!! ** Graphic Images of Out-of Shape, Hairy White Male Below.


This is what happens when one stops exercising, starts drinking most nights, and goes on the all-cookie diet. For some reason, after I ran my last half-marathon, I quit all exercise, especially when I got focussed on business stuff.

But this is changing. And I have a goal by November 30th: 165lbs, 8% body fat.

And here’s an inspirational image I photoshopped, which is on my white board:

I’m sure you’re having a good laugh, but that’s okay. You’ll change your tune in 326 days.

I will not only be pushing my self physically, but this past Monday, I quit a bunch of things:

  • White Flower
  • Starchy Carb
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol during the week
  • Dairy, except for a little bit in my morning coffee

I drink a green protein smoothy every morning after my workout, eat lean proteins, lot of veggies and fruit. I allow myself a little cheating on Saturday or Sunday, but nothing excessive or too decadent. I also cut back on the amount of coffee I drink to one latte in the morning, and I supplement with tea and plenty of water throughout the day.

Here we go… 🙂