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As good a role model as I am, I’m still battling with the same thing as everyone else… Being human. And that shit is hard.

That’s right, folks, your mentor is in the thick of the battle with myself. Either way, I’m going to win, but which self will be victorious? Well, there’s only one acceptable outcome— My kick-ass, #GetShitDone, take-no-prisoners self. But it’s going to be a tough road.

Like I always say, the voice in our head is not really us, and the negative thoughts we have are not real. We can always choose other, more positive and productive thoughts.

I also try to instill in clients (and myself) that keeping to a schedule is freedom, that being organized with activities is the best way to be effective in life, and that by focusing on the goals and solutions will keep us going no matter what.

And then something derails us. Something outside of our control.

I’ve been derailed as of three weeks ago, shortly before my New York trip, and I knew it would continue for a couple of weeks, so I tried to plan for it. Planning for being derailed and getting back on track sounds a bit odd, but it’s true. Being able tho recognize events that will take you out of your routine will allow you to take action for getting back into your routine once those events are dealt with pass you by.

I knew I would be going to New York on business, which would interrupt my normal routine. What I didn’t plan was getting really sick the week before, thus not being able to work out, or have the energy to do much else. So I planned to have some semblance of a routine in New York, which would involve meeting with potential investors, shooting some headshot and working out in the mornings in a park.

It had been a long time since I’d been to NYC in March. That last thing on the list, that romanticized idea of getting up early, putting on my sweats and hat, and doing a jog around a the park, then a vigorous outdoor workout… ? Hello snow and sleet and rain and temperatures that froze parts of me that I’d rather not mention!

All those other plans went by the wayside, as well. I still had meetings and other business things going on, so cool.

Upon my return to LA, I’ve had maybe one or two good night’s sleep, and if I don’t get good sleep, it’s difficult to bounce back.


Not a lot of sleep. Just GOOD sleep.

Chauncey, our dog, is elderly and requires a lot of care these days. He needs help standing at his water bowl, eating, and going outside to do his business. He’s a sweet, sweet boy, and I love him very much, so of course I will do everything I can to make sure he is comfortable and taken care of. This includes getting up multiple times at night to help him go outside and drink water, then helping him get comfortable in bed, then eat breakfast. He eats anywhere between 4 and 6 A.M.

Sometimes we can get away with letting him wait until a more reasonable hour to eat, but most of the time he whines loudly while pacing in the other room. Since he can’t see, he bumps into stuff. Since he’s weak, he slips and falls on our wood floors, which freaks me out, so I spring out of bed to check on him. Sometimes all night.

All this to say  is that I’m sleep-deprived and running on coffee and way off my schedule and my game. But that’s okay because I know it takes some rearranging of activities and making new blocks of time for things on my weekly schedule. Now that I’ve been used to a particular regimen, I have to dramatically change it. YIKES!

As I’ve always said, as I learned from my mentor Keith Cunningham, ordinary things done consistently over time produce extraordinary results. Well, I’ve got 261 days of time for these goals. And for the next week, I’ll be heavily in the process of reorganizing so I can get back on a newly re-routed track to success.

My point is we all go through this stuff. We plan and God or the The Universe or whatever, laughs, but it’s how we react and ACT in the face of these challenges that will determine our outcome, our success. During this whole process, yes it’s frustrating to not be on point and know it, and to fight our way back to it, but it’s also a testament to one’s resolve to get back on the path no matter how difficult.

I’m in the process of doing it, and if I can do it, you can do it. Hang in there, because I’m hanging right there with you.

Now excuse me while I make another triple latte.