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I’d always wanted a dog because I thought it would be fun to have a furry companion. I knew I’d get a big dog, one to wrestle with and pull rope toys with. I didn’t know what kind of big dog, but one that was substantial.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I showed up at the adoption. There he was, among all the noisy, yappy little dogs, just sitting up straight, a big smile on his face, hopeful that today was the day. Our eyes met and I melted. I didn’t know that I’d actually fall l in love, but that’s exactly what happened from the moment we saw each other. And he was small— twelve pounds— and big in personality.


I asked to walk him, and within thirty seconds of us being outside, he rolled onto his back and begged for a belly rub. That was it. I was his.

Chauncey Love spent the next nine and a half years filling my life with laughter, happiness and fun. I took him almost everywhere I went because he loved adventure. From hikes at Griffith Park and Runyon Canyon to Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, he was always the center of everyone’s attention. Everyone loved him, especially the ladies. He was a real heart-breaker.

So small, yet so big, he filled my heart and my home and became part of my entire family, and my wife’s family.

DSC04994 2

When I met my wife, I told her this was a package deal. He loved her so much, and she loved him. She married me to get to the dog, I’m sure of it. As Master of Ceremonies, Chauncey was the first one down the aisle at our wedding.

He was my best friend. He dedicated his life to me, and I to him. I wanted him to experience everything because I knew our time together was fleeting.

He’d been on road trips to Arizona, San Francisco, Napa, San Diego, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, and everywhere in between, traveling with me and my wife everywhere we went. He had his own Facebook friends— over 750 of them— and he was a real charmer.

He was my muse, inspiring thousands of photos and the launch of two startup companies.


He liked runnin’ through the grass, snoozin’, and snugglin’. And he sure loved to eat. Everything.

The house feels empty now. It’s like a giant void. And there’s an even bigger one in my heart. Sure, I’m busy with work and projects and life, but Chauncey was always by my side through everything. I always had someone to talk to while working from home. Now, when I’m alone, there’s more than just silence— there’s a palpable lack of spirit-energy that once enveloped every room.

Chauncey created some of the best memories I have. I have too many funny stories, too many hilarious memories to write about, so a few images will have to suffice. He touched a lot of lives and made a lot of people happy for the brief time he was here. He turned 18 on June 1st, a few days before we said goodbye. I’m so grateful for my time with him and I will love and honor him forever. That little dog was a giant. He is loved. And he is missed.

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